• Client NASIOL / Date 2016 / Category BRANDING / Country Istanbul, Turkey

NASIOL is the go-to name for nano-coating, it represents the expertise in protective nanotechnology: water-repellent coating at your fingertips for everything from your car to your favourite pair of shoes.
How many of us don’t notice such kind of products because of the boring explanation videos?
TAKA came up with a different way. It was not easy, actually it was pretty complicated, but we made it.
The task was hard. We had to push BRAND it self, same time, we had to make it easy to understand, that means, we must show all the functions and benefits. So how do we show it in an entertaining way?
First- we wrote a very detailed story board. Second- we shoot- we create an original material in industrial open space, using models and Mercedes to give the power to BRAND.
Next step- we create a 3D material to visualize the problem and benefits. Last part- we add fresh and energetic original soundtrack, and the video is ready to go online.
The challenge was to balance the footage, 3D and sound in manner that it fell like one story!