• Client HAQUOS / Date 01 June 2016 / Category Fashion Film

For the First time there comes a fashion film for PLASTIC SURGEON.
Main role plaid by surgeon him self! Beautiful and rich, simple and spicy.
Many times awarded and admired. There are 2 versions of movie, represented as short web series.TAKA created everything from scratch. First came IDEAS. As there were more than one, decision was to make 2 series. In order to provide the client a variety of material and have a better strategy. Apart of idea itself, the big work was creating the mood and make sure the role play is perfect and clear.
Great, dynamic editing and BEST Original Sound did the last job. This is one of those movies you do not get bored of. Classy and fresh – remaining timeless. Experience in Fashion Film Festivals gives an other vision to what people like and want to see. Also what is new and unseen. Or sometimes it is all about how can we put together same peaces differently. It is good to learn from others, but more important – one should have their own identity as an artist.


Idea Kristine Ciematniece
Director Fabrizio Azzellini
Ex. Producer Kristine Ciematniece
Producer Iman ElDeeb
Cinematography Alessandro Vardanega
MUA & HAIR Vessy Vissotchkova
Music Florent Turpin
Visual Effects Camilla Guerrina
Starring Rocco Caminiti
Model Kajsa Lindstedt