• Client Flavia Cavalcanti / Date 25 May 2015 / Category Fashion Film
Taka The Path Vol.1

“TAKA” – from Latvian language – the path that must be walked.
Mysterious, abstract and unique taste of story telling when it comes to fashion.
“You need to leave, sometimes you drift, and sometime you get involved. Discover the nature to fulfill the destiny, reach the destination- unknown before the departure”

The passion for Fashion Films started with TAKA- The PATH VOL.1
Too many hours with no sleep and hard work. Big team on set moving from one location to an other around North Italy. Costume design by Flavia Cavalcanti. The Path- it is called like that, because this is TAKAs path in new direction- Fashion Films!
The story lets the viewer decide what does he wants to see!
It was an experiment, that went pretty well. And we learnt a lot.
TAKA- The PATH VOL.1 fashion film was nominated and selected multiple times around the world. Also the film won awards for BEST PICTURE in Australia. It was nominated for BEST MUA/HAIR at BOKEH, South African Fashion Film Festival standing next to worlds famous creative Make up Artist Einat Dan.
More we traveled, more we explored this fashion film world, bringing new ideas and inspirations.
Open mind, creative and bold, ready to take a risks and to leave people speechless.

TAKA is a product of passionate team. People, who love to gamble with the tools and knowledge to achieve extra ordinate results. We are proud to represent an international team, coming from: Latvia, Italy, Albania, Egypt and Norway.